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  • Carbohydrate counts on food items served in the elementary schools are available here



  • Food and Nutrition Information Center

    Constantly updated, extensive list of nutrition sites, rated and fully described. Good starting point for any research.

  • WebMDHealth
    Has much information. Also has Health-E-Meters, such as Dessert Wizard that tells you how much exercise to burn off a dessert. It also has a target Heart rate calculator.

  • Tufts University Nutrition Navigator
    A site which includes reviewed and rated links to many nutrition sites for students, teachers, and parents. Has a "health tip of the week."

  • www.fankids.org is a GREAT resource for children and teens with food allergies! Check this site for ideas for coping with various food allergies.
  • ‘USDA FOR KIDS’ at www.fns.usda.gov/tn/team-nutrition. is a great website with nutrition information, nutrition games and games that can be printed. Be sure to visit this site, it is a winner!!
  • Log onto www.dole5aday.com , Teachers can download lesson plans aimed at grade 3 & 4 children, while a nutrition section as an encyclopedia on fruits and vegetables, including their nutrition values. The site also features games and recipes for kids.
  • Log onto www.eatright.org , the American Dietetic Assoc. has games, activities and recipes for children!!
  • Kidnetic.com, a fun website designed by the International
    Food Information council for kids and their parents to
    simulate physical activity and encourage healthy eating patterns. Check it out!
  • exhibits.pacsci.org/nutrition/noflash_nutrition.html – Sponsored by the Pacific Science Center and Washington State Dairy Council, Nutrition Cafe offers nutrition activities for kids, such as Nutrition Sleuth, where children use clues to determine missing nutrients in a character’s diet. Grab-a-Grape (a multiple choice Jeopardy-type game) and Have-A-Bite-Café, where Kids build their own meals.
  • As a parent you may worry that your child isn’t getting enough calcium, and that is a valid concern since many kids aren’t. For milk mania ideas check out: facebook.com/gotmilk and www.drink-milk.com.
  • "A Nutrition Guide for a Healthy Mouth and Teeth" Foods and drinks that are high in calcium, such as milk and cheese, team up with the body to ensure that bones stay strong. Bones are much more than just what we can feel through skin; they are also in mouths in the form of teeth. - http://www.dentalone-ga.com/a-nutrition-guide-for-a-healthy-mouth-and-teeth/
  • www.fightbac.orgFight BAC!® offers food safety content information and activities for all grades. It is designed to increase awareness and thereby reduce the incidence of food borne illness.



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